Interview with local influencer Victoria Rotchenkova

Victoria Rotchenkova is a local influencer and singer. Check out our interview with Victoria below.

What your favorite season and food?

My favourite season is summer hehe just because i absolutelly hate cold and get cold all the time even if all people are warm, I will always get cold haha. Regarding food... I have lots of it! Most I love steak medium cooked with mushroom sauce. Also I absolutelly love avocado - salmon salad from sako sushi!

Victoria Rotchenkova

Who or what inspires you to keep pushing everyday?

What inspires me the most? Well to be honest everything! I can find my inspiration for pictures on the street or I will see something creative. Regarding music- my biggest inspiration is Ariana Grande. People might say she is just another pop singer, however in my opinion she has the most powerful voice in Hollywood among with other well known old musicians. Also seing progress with myself every day inspires me to keep pushing every day!

Finally my vocal coach + his students is my biggest inspiration! He is more than a vocal, live coach! He is everything! I am so so grateful for knowing him! I am grateful to life for meeting the right people that introduced me to him! I cant describe this feeling of being grateful.

Victoria Rotchenkova

What do you aspire to achieve?

Well my dream is to inspire people to do what they are best in! To not to waste time studying for something they do not like or are pressed to by their families. I have a music education with classical piano of 9 years and went to multiple singing choirs for all my life.. my parents always pressed me to go to university to get my bachelors in business or economics what I did! I always knew that I want to develop my voice to achieve certain voice goals.

My parents always thought it is a waste of money.

First thing I did since I started working was went to a vocal coach and I keep developing my voice every day over and over again. Even though I am 25! And I see all these young kids brought by their parents and it makes me feel jealous that I never had this haha but I know that nobody is the same, and every voice is unique + it requires hard work. This is why I can say that I have never been happier only from knowing that I will wake up and practice, that I have the right mentor to do so!

To see the progress in my voice every day is insane! And no matter what you do! Is it modeling, singing, drawing, or maybe you dream to own an animal clinic! It is never too late for anything that will make you happy! I am very happy and I wish I could help people to discover what they are best in!!

Also I love to inspire people with my pictures! I just love following creative influencers around the world, get inspired+ inspire others! And it is pretty sad that some local influencers are quite closed to internationals what could really make a big power. I was really surprised. They just hate that international people and bloggers are here... at least I feel it with their attitude. I have met so many world famous influencers with 200+ following base.

They never think too high about themselves, however some Maltese bloggers just dont even bother to say hello because they are "too cool". Well, good for them haha!


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