Interview with Maltese influencer Tamara Webb

Tamara Webb is a local influencer and fitness enthusiast. She posts about fashion, lifestyle and fitness to keep her content fresh.

Check out our interview with Tamara below.

Which place did you enjoy traveling the most to? Why?

I literally cannot choose between Japan and Miami. I loved the culture differences, cleanliness, fashion & hi tech technology in Japan! Whilst the whole contrary in Miami! - Beaches, salty hair, roller blades and clubbing! Want to visit both so badly again!

Tamara Webb

Where does your love for fashion originate from?

Since as long as I can remember! I used to love dressing up everyday at home - I remember so many childhood memories of me wrapping bed sheets and creating different dress styles, looking in the mirror and posing with my mothers clothes! Getting all dressed up just to go at my grandmas house! Sketching outfits and looks for all the family!

I actually wanted to become a fashion designer till the age of 14. That all changed as soon as I discovered I am horrible at sewing! - And believe me - I'VE TRIED! I actually studied fashion design for a number of years and graduated in 3D design and interiors. I don't believe that this actually effected my style today - I honestly believe that your style reflects your personality and mine just came natural to me throughout the years.

Tamara Webb

How would you describe your style?

OH DEAR. I am always hesitant to answer this question! Generally, I love high street clothing mixed with designer staples. My style is a mix of 80's classics with some Spanish and Greek Vibes. Perhaps this might be simpler to understand - I LIVE in Mom's jeans, cropped trousers, all tops bandeaux, WHITE and anything with frills! Got it? haha

Who's your fitness and fashion inspiration?

I've been looking at this screen for 15 minutes - And I have no one in Mind apart from a blog I follow - 'Sarah's Day' who motivates me to be REAL in life and loving your own lifestyle. As cliché as it may sound your biggest inspiration and motivation should be YOURSELF. Wether if it's fashion related or fitness, I have always tried to do my own thing. HAPPINESS IS KEY - Wether if it's reaching your fitness goals, styling an outfit, being happy in your job or even trying to achieve your desired lifestyle - You have to find happiness within YOU! Once you start BELIEVING and loving yourself, good things will follow!


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