Interview with Maltese waterpolo player Stevie Camilleri

Stevie Camilleri is a professional Maltese waterpolo player. He is mostly known for his scoring abilities and has joined AS Roma Nuoto in Italy last Summer from Neptunes.

Check out our interview with Stevie below.

What got you into water polo and at what age?

I tried a number of different sports as a child but I always felt an instinctive pull to the water. I first got involved with the swim team and turned out to be a very promising swimmer. It was after a few years that I was swimming that I came across the sport of waterpolo and was immediately drawn to the team aspect of the sport. At the age of 11/12 waterpolo became my main focus and I haven't looked back since.

Stevie Camilleri

What qualities do you regard as your strengths and weaknesses in this sport?

I've always considered myself an all rounder and utility player but I'm probably mostly noted for my scoring abilities. I would say the factor that I've relied on most to help me achieve what I have would be my determination. I've always set targets and objectives and then challenged myself to reach them. Having said that there are still things I think I can still improve on but I'll keep that to myself haha!

Stevie Camilleri

Which goal you scored is the most memorable for you?

I've scored a few important goals over the years and there isn't one in particular that would qualify as the most memorable. I'd probably classify each and every goal I scored in last year's European finals that all together helped me end up as the championships' top goalscorer.

Congratulations on joining A.S Roma Nuoto, what are your individual goals for this season?

Yes I have just agreed terms with Roma nuoto and if everything goes to plan I should be playing there for the next two seasons. My aim is to help them reach top flight waterpolo in Italy . Another of my goals for this year as Captain of the national team is to qualify for next year's European Championships.

Do you have any message for fans and supporters back at Neptunes WPSC?

I'm sure they are all disheartened with the results of this summer after dominating the local waterpolo scene for so many years. I'm sure with hard work and better choices we'll be back on top in no time.


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