Interview with Maltese makeup artist Natalie R. Vella

Natalie R. Vella is a talented Maltese makeup artist. She is passionate about her work and has also worked for reputable companies like Estée Lauder.

Check out our interview with Natalie below.

How do you like spend your spare time away from sets?

I'm a massive fitness addict! So I'm usually found at the gym!

Natalie R. Vella

Who or what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

My love of art and creativity has always been a massive part of my life. I would always be drawing as a child, my mum was a makeup artist at the time so naturally my interest in makeup grew from there! To me the face was just something else to draw on!

Natalie R. Vella

Do you have any role model?

Has to be my mum, 100%!. She drove me mad as a child because she is such a hard headed woman and really brought me up not sugar coating anything and a strong 'go figure it out for yourself if you want it' mentality.

What do you consider your biggest achievements yet a as makeup artist?

I would have to say being National Makeup Artist for Estée Lauder at the age of 21. To have been given the responsibility of representing such a massive cosmetics company so early on in my career was a massive privilege!

Where do you see yourself going in the future?

There are many paths I could go down to be honest! I just want to constantly keep learning and improving and see where it leads me! If I HAD to say something specifically though I would say holding makeup seminars and improving other artists skills as I hate to see talent go to waste! That would be the dream!


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