Interview with fitness enthusiast Monique Farrugia

Monique Farrugia is a local influencer and fitness enthuasiast. Check out our interview with Monique below.

Monique Farrugia

When you're away from the gym, what do you like to do to spend your time?

When I'm not working or training, I like to spend my time reading and in good company.

Monique Farrugia

Who or what inspired you to pick up fitness?

Definitely my mother! She introduced me to the world of sports and fitness and was the one to keep pushing me at times when I wanted to quit. She enrolled me at a gymnastics club at the age of 3, and I haven't stopped training since.

What do you aim to achieve and where do you see yourself in the future?

My ultimate goal is to be happy in life! I like to take on new experiences and challenges which will provide me with knowledge and success. Therefore, I would say that my aim is to achieve knowledge, success and happiness.

In the future I see myself doing something which I love and surrounded by the people who are most dear to me.

I am currently studying law, so in the future I see myself as a graduated lawyer, and possibly also studying something else afterwards.


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