Interview with Maltese influencer MarieClaire Portelli

MarieClaire Portelli is a Maltese social media influencer. Check out our interview with MarieClaire below.

Which is your favourite season? Why so?

My favorite season is Spring. Lots of greenery, not too hot but not too cold temperatures and you get to use both your winter and summer wardrobe at the sam time so you get more options and can get even more creative!

MarieClaire Portelli

Where did you get your fashion inspiration from in the beginning?

Since I was a kid I always followed fashion magazines and tried to be as creative as possible when it came to styling myself. Even though I look back at my teenage years and wonder what went on in my head for wearing what I had worn back then, maturity and time led me to the style I have now which is minimalistic but still love to add something to the outfit which will make it unique and stand out from the rest. A statement piece really helps complete a look.

Do you have any role model?

My role model since I was a kid is first and foremost Cara Delevingne. I love to model and she was the rebel model in my eyes who did what she was told but still kept her own style and this led me to stick to who I am and not change for anyone. At the moment I look up to Chiara Ferragni. She is a social media influencer and also has her own clothing line and I look at her and have courage to actually follow my dream and no dream is too big of a dream if it's what you really want to do!

MarieClaire Portelli

Can you tell us which of your work is closest to your heart?

In my early stages of Instagram I used to get friends to take my photos but not all know how to shoot the way I would like the photo to look and shoot exactly what I have in mind. About 5 months ago I met Monique who is also a social media influencer and we both clicked really well know exactly how we both want the photos to look like. Once I started shooting with her, my Instagram feed has never looked better! We have more content and we both found something we love doing therefore whatever we shoot, we always enjoy it as we have grown closer and know each other better to know exactly what we both want.

Finally, what do you aim to achieve?

This question has always been at the back of my mind as I love doing lots of things. I recently finished my degree in Photography and I wish to go into fashion photography abroad however, after I started taking Instagram seriously, I really wish to take it as a full time job and live abroad, this way I would still be shooting everyday and enjoying life to the full because its a lifestyle not a job for me. In the future I would also love to start my own clothing line with my own designs. ...Whatever I do, I want to make sure I am enjoying my job and not just doing it for the money. Being passionate about what you do will get you places! Whatever you want to do, just do it! Follow your dreams and you will get there, I don't know when and I don't know how but I will get there.


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