Interview with Maltese model Madeleine Baldacchino

Madeleine Baldacchino is a part Irish Maltese model. Check out our interview with Madeleine below.

How is it being part Irish in Malta?

Having inherited extremely fair skin has taught me to be very protective from the harsh Maltese summer. I can get sunburnt very easily! Although when I was younger I wished to have dark tan skin, I have now become accustomed to my colour and started to embrace it! Unfortunately, we only see tanned models in the majority of swimwear campaigns, which is sad as all girls of any colour can look beautiful in swimwear (& lingerie). Many girls are opting for fake tans instead of appreciating their white/pale skin colour, and this is wrong on so many levels! Apart from the fact that each skin colour is beautiful, artificial fake tans contain harmful chemicals that are bad for our skin, while others stay in the sun too long which is also bad. On my Instagram, I am trying to show that pale bodies=beach bodies too!

Madeleine Baldacchino

What inspired you to start modeling?

When I was 16 at a local clothes store, the shop manager approached me and said I should really become a model. At that time I was super shy and although I did think about being a model, I thought my shyness would hold me back. However against all odds, my agent gave me the push I needed and work has only increased for the past 7 seven years. I think I am still a bit shy sometimes, but modelling has helped me appreciate my self worth and combat prevailing low self esteem.

Madeleine Baldacchino

Do you have any role model?

At the moment, I do not have a role model as I don’t find it necessary to follow other people’s footsteps. Nowadays we are blinded by social media with the perfect or surreal lives of celebrities and insta-models. We should not set unrealistic goals or try to be like other people. Instead, I try as much as possible to focus on what I can improve in my life.

What category (fashion,runway,bikini etc) do you enjoy modeling the most?

All categories have their advantages and disadvantages, however I think editorial fashion is my favourite! It’s the place where the team can be really experimental and creative. With regards to the photography, I love natural light photography, with minimal make up and no post production. It is only with this type of photography that the audience can get the real feel of a photo.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

A very simple answer.. I don’t know! Life has really been a rollercoster lately, so I have no idea what it may bring to me next!


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