Interview with makeup artist Joslyn Falzon

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Who or what inspired you to become a makeup artist and what do you love about this art?

It all started when I attended a beginners makeup course and it seems that I got hooked-up. Ever since I become more curious to learn new techniques and fine tune my artistic ability. The recognition and words of praise received from my clients and the public is very motivating.

Joslyn Falzon

You specialize in many types of makeup, which type do you find the most enjoyable to do?

Yes, I specialise in various makeup applications. The demand is high for weddings, fashion and photographic makeup. However, I do enjoy theatre performance and casualty simulation effects makeup as more creativity and technique is required. I have also offered my services during modelling shows and TV/Video productions.

You also do body and face paint, what is the most exciting thing you were asked to do?

While I attended a makeup festival event, I was approached to do a spontaneous artistic creation. The event location was close to the sea shore and I got inspired from it by transforming the face of the model into a fantasy sea creature.

Joslyn Falzon

Do you have any role model or someone who influences and inspires your work daily?

I personally don’t have any role model. I just try my best to keep myself updated, even by attending international fashion events. One of my hobbies is watching movies and it is where I get most of my inspiration and ideas from.

Do you have any aims for your brand (Just Face Makeup) and where do you see it going in the future?

My goal is to partner up with an international makeup brand to be their exclusive representative in Malta. You’ll never know what the future holds.


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