Interview with local blogger and influencer Jenny Bee

Jenny Bee is a local blogger. She blogs mostly about fashion but keeps her content fresh by including other subjects like fitness and travelling.

Check out our interview with Jenny below.

What is the hardest thing about blogging?

The hardest thing about blogging for me is actually finding the time to make new pictures. I kind of regret I didn't start earlier, in the time of my life when I was a student and had a lot of spare time to work on my instagram and blog. Now, with a full time job, it's very hard to keep up with everything. Running and trying to grow your instagram account, striving to have the perfect feed, engaging with people with similar accounts, it all takes so much time, most people probably can't even imagine.

What is one wardrobe essential you must have?

Definitely a good old evergreen leather jacket. I'm obsessed with them! I've always preferred kind of edgy style rather than very girly look. And I absolutely love how a leather jacket can turn even the most "princessy" looking outfit into quite a bad-ass yet very feminine one!

Jenny Bee

Which place is your favourite from the ones you travelled to and where would you love to go in the future? Why?

That's a tough one. I loved so many places I've visited! One of my absolute favourites is Greece - for some reason, I feel home there. I feel connected to the people, to the places, I feel very present when I'm there. It's also the place where I met my boyfriend, so I guess that adds up to that! France was beautiful, but to me it wasn't Paris that charmed me. In my opinion, Paris is the least french thing you can see in the whole France. It looks nothing like for example Montpellier, Beziers. Every country has its magic, I could be up all night naming all the places I've left a piece of my heart at.

On my bucket list there's California, Bahamas, Ireland and New Zealand. Oh, and about 2568 other places!

Jenny Bee

How would you describe your style and who was your first style icon?

I would describe it as very very diverse. If someone asked me this question a few years ago, my answer would be much simpler. My style was pretty straight forward - I loved to wear black colour, chunky heels, leather jackets. My typical Friday outfit would probably be black skinny jeans, white Ramones t-shirt, black leather jacket and some spiked stilettos. Yup, I had a soul of a punk / rock child *laughs* Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE this kind of clothes, I still tend to reach for them in stores. But as the years went by, I allowed myself to wear more colours, dresses and styles in general. I think it's really fun to combine them too!

And I think after my previous answer no one will be surprised by the fact that my first style icon was Avril Lavigne! I remember that phase in my life when I would wear ties and Converse shoes and skull-patterned hoodies. I just thought she was so cool for dressing up differently from everyone else, for being unique and not caring what people think of her. And I still have a lot of respect for people like that. My current inspiration is a Swedish blogger Emelie Natascha Lindmark whose style I absolutely adore. A lot of denim and minimalistic pieces.

Jenny Bee

Which of the current fashion trends do you think is ridiculous and which do you think is great?

I think every trend that people blindly accept, buy and wear just because it's trendy is ridiculous and will look ridiculous. There are not necessarily ridiculous fashion trends, more like trends that I personally wouldn't go for but saw certain people rocking them. But one of my favourite fashion trends of 2017 were definitely fishnets under ripped jeans!


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