Interview with makeup artist of the year Jennifer Dimech

We caught up with Jennifer Dimech, a talented makeup artist and winner of the Makeup Artist of the year award for 2017, and asked her a few questions.

Check out our interview with Jennifer below.

Why did you choose to become a makeup artist?

Well, there are several reasons, therefore it is quite hard to pick one, but I found this profession to be best suitable for myself since it allows me to be creative and it also complements my inborn knack for fashion and glamour. Ever since I was a young girl I followed a very well known local MUA. I always strived to better myself, and the ambition instilled in me led me to experimenting on my own whilst locked in my room. I always had a passion for art, since I was a little girl at school and my eye hand dexterity enhances my skill in my role as a Make up artist.

Jennifer Dimech

Which of your work do you consider as the biggest achievement or proudest moment in your career?

I love seeing people smile in general and being able to make someone smile and feel good about themselves and comfortable in their own skin, is the most satisfying and definitely my proudest moment.

Locally, I mostly work on bridal make up. It is quite satisfying knowing that they have trusted you to make them look their best for their special day, since the pictures will last a lifetime.

In the fashion industry, I to love to interact with the photographer, models and the rest of the creative team and also involve myself to make sure that the ultimately the client is satisfied with our creation altogether. I love working on shoots that will be shown on printed matter like magazines or look books because I would be able to appreciate my work for the rest of my life.

As stated before, I feel that all I work on makes me extremely satisfied, however so far in my career, being able to perform my skills at the highest level in my country, New York, Romania, Milan and Paris has opened so many doors for me in the make up industry. These opportunities have lead me to winning the Best Make Up artist award 2017 at the Malta Fashion Awards. This award instilled more ambition in me and I will strive to get better at my job, always.

Jennifer Dimech

What are some of the biggest challenges makeup artists face?

It is quite a challenging job, as we won't be applying makeup on ourselves , but we have to keep our clients happy. When a client asks you for a particular look, but you don't feel that look would suit their complexion, you have to try convince the client to change the look, by giving them valid reasons why the change, but at the same time trying to keep them as happy as possible.

The biggest challenge in my eyes is probably the fact that all MUA need to keep up with new trends. The fashion industry evolves on daily basis and the competence has to be kept up with accordingly, while also keeping up with the busy work schedule because one could easily get carried away and forget about what is new in the make up world.

Which is your favourite cosmetic product and how would you describe your signature look?

This is an extremely tricky question as, as a make up artist I would not be able to perform my skill with just one product. I do have three products that I cannot live without - which are my eyebrow kit, mascara and any kind of lipstick.

The Eyebrow kit can be used also as a contour kit, lipstick can be also used as a blusher if the color is based on the red and pink tones and mascara as without full lashes I do not feel that any client's look or my own look is complete.

With respect to my Signature look, I would also need to add a concealer and highlighter with the other 3 products as I prefer the natural look personally. Natural, fresh and glowing.

Jennifer Dimech

What do you love the most about being a makeup artist?

I live by the saying, do what you love doing the most and you will never have to work a day in your life. That is literally what I have done as I am so passionate about my 'job'.

In my line of work I get to meet new people everyday, visit exciting new places and countries that broaden my vision and what is most exciting is probably working with maltese artists, designers and foreign ones too. Who would have dreamt that my job would take me to so many countries and allow me to be part of different cultures all around the world?

Fortunately for me, I get to see the result of my work immediately, which gives me so much joy especially when the clients are happy with the way they look. When I work on photoshoots, I eagerly wait for the images to pop up in my inbox, then my skills would be shown on different platforms to the world which Is ultimately every make up artists' dream.


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