Interview with Maltese singer and artist Gaia Cauchi

Gaia Cauchi is a young and prominent Maltese singer. Gaia became the first Maltese to win the Junior Eurovision Song Content when she won the contest in 2013 with her song "The Start".

Check out our interview with Gaia below.

You won the Junior Eurovision song contest in 2013, how would you describe your experience representing Malta?

After a long time, it was an honor to represent Malta and actually managing to get a good result. I was very happy that I managed after a very long time of entering for the Junior Eurovision. Obviously I remained the same and never took anything foregranted and always kept moving on!

Gaia Cauchi

Having achieved so much in your music career at a young age, what are your next plans or goals for the future?

I want to continue studying music obviously but I also want to continue with school because it is important. I'm working on some new songs at the moment and planning to move somewhere to study music.

Gaia Cauchi

Do you have anyone or anything you consider as an inspiration that keeps you motivated to achieve more?

My parents always encourage me to do something I love but they have never pushed me or forced me into doing something. I look up to them and I think that they are my role models into how I should live my life.

Do you have any songs on the way and what advice would you give to children wishing to follow your footsteps?

I have some songs on the way and I'm writing some of my own aswell. My advice to other children is to never give up on something you're truly good at and love doing.


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